WSJT-X 2.2.0 -rc22020年05月25日 10時27分13秒



On a trial basis, and in response to numerous suggestions from around
the world, we have added a second set of suggested dial frequencies
for FT8 on three HF bands and also on 6 meters. The new suggested dial
frequencies are 7.071, 10.133, 14.071, and 50.310 MHz.  These
frequencies will appear in your drop-down band-selector list after you
go to the "Settings | Frequencies" tab, right-click on the frequency
table, and select "Reset".  Alternatively, you can add the new FT8
frequencies manually.

When the conventional FT8 sub-band on 6, 20, 30, or 40 m seems too
full, please try moving your dial frequency down 3 kHz!  Be aware that
as currently implemented, WSJT-X will set your dial to the lowest
frequency for the selected mode and band, when you switch bands.

 7.071, 10.133, 14.071, and 50.310 MHz.
周波数リストをリセットすると組み込まれます。 JTDXの方はご自身で編集してください。


WSJT-X側からの公式アナウンスです。  例えば50.313MHz が混んできた時、DXの入感で国内交信が出づらくなった時、50.310MHzに出られたらいかがでしょうか?