My recommendation2020年06月14日 07時34分41秒

Do you enjoy FT8 QSO? What software do you use? My recommendation is JTDX. The greatest merit of JTDX is its high decoding ability. As you can see from the comparison, it has a higher decoding ability than other software. It is possible to make fine settings that are optimal for the capabilities of the computer you are using.

JTDX also supports CPU multi-threading, so if you have a high-performance PC, you can make the most of its capabilities. The screen is very wide and it is possible to display many decoded stations. I don't know MSHV, but migrating from WSJT-X is easy.

Want to decode more stations? If yes, I highly recommend JTDX for you.  If you can't decode, you can't make a QSO. Decoding ability, that is the key to software selection.  

Here some images are an aggressive setting of JTDX. If you feel your computer is slow, try a slightly lighter setting. 

The "Hint decode" feature is the biggest advantage of JTDX. Sometimes, however, there is also "False decode", so you have to make a judgment about its authenticity.

The "wanted" function is one of the convenient tools of JTDX. If you input the station you want to communicate with in advance, JTDX will alert you when the signal of the corresponding station is received and at the same time JTDX prepare you to call immediately.