Please trust your ears2020年10月03日 21時18分59秒

This happened at the Oceania DX Contest.

40m SSB Oceania DX Contest


"JP1LRT (in phonetic code)!!

"JP1 come again"

"JP1LRT LRT (in phonetic code)"

"JE1LRT you are 59+++ (WHAT?? WHY???????)"

"Negative! JP1 JP1 . I am not in Super Check Partial Database."

"JP1LRT you are 59+++"

"QSL you are 59+++ trust your ears 73."

"YB2** contest!"

"JP1LRT (in phonetic code)!

"JP1LRT , no JE1LRT you are 59+++"

"No negative JP1 JP1 LRT."


"Why you copy me JE1? At first you copy me correctly as JP1. I AM NOT IN YOUR DATABASE. TRUST YOUR EARS. JP1LRT QSL? "

"JE1?? JE1LRT?"

"Bye bye!"

Why would they trust a partial checklist and not trust their own ears?
YB2**, after he recognize me as JE1, he won't accept new information based on his assumptions. It's awful. I'm fed up.