AutoSeq setting of JTDX2020年12月16日 11時03分44秒

What number do you use for AutoSeq in JTDX?
I use 2, or 4+ (=6).
You may know that you can prioritize in the Notifications TAB, but if you set AutoSeq to 2 or higher, you can take advantage of it.
AutoSeq1 is the same as Call 1st in WSJT-X. It responds to the first decoded station.
In addition, JTDX has a function to prioritize LoTW users, so each item on the priority list has a different priority among them. (Well, from that point of view, there is an advantage in becoming a LoTW user)
If you have a computer with a too slow CPU, AutoSeq3 or 4+ (=7) may change the message to be sent after it is started to be sent, so be careful.
I think JTDX has some great features. I call CQ DX with 4+ (=6) when there is an open with multi-hop Es on the 6m band, and since it is CQ DX, I do not answer calls from stations within the same continent. Also, if there is no response to my CQ DX and there is a station outside the same continent that has a CQ, JTDX will automatically call that station. This is very efficient.
I'm sorry if my understanding is wrong.

Windows 10 Pro 20H2
CPU ntel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K
JTDX setting as...
decoding cycles 3
decoder sensitivity "use subpass"