How to make JTDX display the correct entities2023年11月09日 08時55分58秒

When a DX pedition is operated with an unusual prefix, the JTDX entity display may show "where?" or an entity different from the original.

In such cases, the only way to get the correct entity display is to edit the cty.dat file or use a new cty.dat file that contains the correct entity display.

First, download the BIG.cty file.

On this page, there is a section for 
BIG.cty [download], click there and download the zip file.
If you unzip the downloaded zip file, you should find a file called cty.dat in it.
Place the file in the JTDX log directory.
C:\Users\{your settings}\AppData\Local\JTDX

Then launch JTDX.

That's all there is to it.

Now let's look at the contents of cty.dat.
Search for TX7L.

TX7L is listed in Marquesas Islands:.

So what about W8S?

W8S is listed in Swains Island.
If you didn't get it right, edit the cty.dat in the log directory yourself.
Or rename cty.dat to a different name, then place the new cty.dat you downloaded in the log directory.

Then start JTDX.

This is the only way.



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