Let's share the information2021年05月06日 15時49分14秒

PSKREPORTER.INFO is a great tool for FT8 enthusiasts. You can set up the software to upload information about the stations you are receiving to the site, and check the propagation status and how each person's signal is reaching.
I think that stations with large facilities should send information to PSKREPOTER, but there are people who refuse to share information, saying, "I won't send it because it's my privacy," or "It's up to me whether I send it or not"
However, these people tend to look at the information on PSKPEROTER and say, "The flag is up."
They keep their own information to themselves and not to others, but they take advantage of information from others. I am sure they do not know the term "give and take".
Of course, this does not apply to people who do not CAT control their rigs, who use computers that are not connected to the Internet, or who have a metered Internet connection.

Anyway, let's share the information and have fun together.
Of course, sending information to HamSpots.net via JT Alert is another way of sharing information.



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